Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Little Words - Thank You

There are several opinions in regards to if the war should continue or why it is actually being fought, yet I think all of us can agree on the fact that we truly appreciate the troops who give so much of themselves in order to serve our country. 

In browsing the posts this morning I came across Grandma Yellow Hair's blog - Just Between You and Me and read something that I wanted to pass on to others.  She featured a wonderful site called Lets Say Thanks  where one chooses from a collection of hand made cards from children then click a button adding your name and location and message.  With one more simple click the card is sent to someone serving overseas.

I know from  feedback from my son in law that notes, etc from home mean the world to those away.  So take a few extra moments in your day today and jump over to Lets Say Thanks and send one or two out.  Blessings


Linda in New Mexico said...

Thanks for sharing this great opportunity to thank the members of our countries finest for their service to us.
I've missed you at the SG. Hope you'll drop by soon.
The Olde Bagg

Love the new look of your blog

mxtodis123 said...

Thanks for sharing this information. Wow, your blog looks great. Love the new look.

Autumn said...

Thank you for posting that. It's great to see that there are people who care about our troops and want to help make them smile. Goddess bless you and your family.

the wild magnolia said...

Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for the wonderful real time, real life attitude.

I will do it!

Great new blog lay out, I really really love it!

Blessings. magnolia

Merry ME said...

Went straight there and sent a card.
WIll post on my blog also.
Thanks for pointing us in that direction.

Dirgesinger said...

Oh, thats wonderful. I have my best friend serving in Afghanistan and I hope he gets messages like that.

Lorena G. Sims said...

That is great! thank you for sharing.

Leathra said...

Hey there! You should go give my blog a look-see...giveaway results are posted!

Linda in New Mexico said...

My dear, I have left you an award on my bloggie this morning because you are so special to me. You know how I feel about awards.....just the giving is the thing...you don't have to pass it on if you choose not to. Just saying, "you're a goodie, to me". The Olde Bagg

AkasaWolfSong said...

Going to do this now Janie! I agree...two little words that wield much power!

Thank You Sister/Friend! :)

I love your new look too...I want a new look but have no idea how to go about it, lol!

Have a Beautimous Day!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thank you for sharing this! I will go over there and do just that. :) Theresa

Illustrated Ink said...

What a lovely way to say thank you, and thank you to your son in law for his service. I apreciate you sharing the info, I'm going to check it out now!