Monday, November 1, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - Reed/Broom - Magical and Medicinal Uses

s a healing herb, Broom has been around for some time. It was well known to the ancients and can be found in early writings of Virgil (70-19 BC). In a passage from John Gerard’s Herbal of 1597 it states. “The decoction of the twigs and tops of broom doth cleanse and open the liver, milt, and kidnies”.

Henry VIII used to drink a water infusion made from the flowers of Reed/Broom. He believed it acted as a guard against his overindulgences. Reed/Broom is often recommended in herbal remedies for bladder and kidney afflictions. Broom juice in large doses can disturb the stomach and bowels and is therefore more often used with other diuretics, rather than used alone. A word of caution: regardless of what you may read, specialized advice should be sought out in the use of Reed/Broom. Experimentation is not an alternative to be considered when dealing with any herb that is considered toxic.

In regards to magical uses of Reed/Broom ritual wands are often made of it. Sweeping the ground with Reed/Broom will clear the area of any unwanted influences. Earlier last month I used my home made broom which sits next to my front door to sweep my house as I did my cleansing.

In older times, Reed/Broom was hung in the house to keep all negative energies out. An infusion was also sprinkled throughout the house when needed to help detour poltergeist activity. Reed/Broom is most often used to expand awareness; journeys to other realms, soul retrieval, rituals to bring harmony to ones life, protection of the home, and balancing ones energies.


Not Hannah said...

I love reading your info-posts! Thanks for reminding me that my sweeping time is coming up!

Vivien said...

That was very interesting. I had no idea about Henry VIII.

faerwillow said...

~happy belated samhain to you and yours...i hope you had a wonderful day a new year that is...may you always be showered with blessings aplenty and sprinkled with unexpected magical moments to come forth in your life...much l♥ve and light shining brightly upon you~

Kristen said...

This was great information. Thank you!