Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peace Be With You

What exactly is Peace?  All week I have been wondering what I would write about today.  I somewhat knew what I wanted to say, yet could I put it down in a way that would convey the message I was wanting to get across?  Sometimes, especially about things I feel passionate about, I tend to be a bit overly agressive with my views.  It is not that I want to come across as a know it all or someone who thinks only her views are right.  It is just that my convictions are so strong that I want so badly to be sure that I was able to get my message across.

I think that Peace can be defined in many ways by many people.  To some they see it as the state of a country.  Are they at war?  And even if they are not at war, how is their govenment running the country?  Is it fair?  To others it may be the status of their work place.  Is it comfortable?  Are the people freindly and is management fair and just in their treatment of their employees?  Still to others, it may be the enviroment of their home life.  Are they in an abusive marriage?  Are cruel words spoken on a frequent basis?  Is tension a constant companion to them? 

I myself feel that Peace needs to be found within oneself before it can ever be found elsewhere.  Chaos can be found all around us everyday.  And many times this is what the average person chooses to see.  The chaos of the person who pulled in front of you and steals the parking spot you "know" you saw first.  The chaos of 95% of television these days that choose to exploit violence or drag so called "reality" everything out as we as people just love to watch others suffer.  The chaos of allowing ourselves to be swayed by the words of someone elses anger and views rather than to seek out the information and come to our own conclusion.  And the list goes on.

Peace on Earth would be a beautiful thing... and in a perfect world we would have that.  And truly I do hope that one day it will be that way.  Yet I also know that before we can get there we need to realize the things that block us from achieving such a state and start doing something about it.  Getting rid of the bad to make room for the good so to speak. 

Asking yourself if you feel the war is necessary.  And if you feel it isn't making your voice and opinion known.  By no means do I mean to demean our troops with this statement.  There is nothing I feel is more admirable than one who serves their country.  In fact I feel it should be mandatory for all to serve.  Yet I feel it is an injustice to send them to war based on reasons that are unwarrented.  If anything disrepects them, I think this does. 

Standing up for those who lives are not peaceful and stop burying our heads in the sand and act like it does not exist.  There is violence everyday that occurs that goes unreported, unchallenged, unchanged.  Stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves, no matter where they come from, what color they are, or what they believe.  An injustice is an injustice.  It does not take such things into consideration before it occurs. 

And lastly look at yourself, what is your attitude?  We all have those days.... bad mood, bad hair, whatever... Yet many times we have a choice.  Make an honest effort to become more positive, more peaceful.  Realizing that much of this is based on what goes into oneself.  Garbage in... garbage out... yea I know it is corny and an old saying but sometimes it is just what we need to hear.  Stand up for what is right even if it costs you.  Stand up for what is just, even if it does not benefit you.  Stand up for Peace,  even when it means you may have to fight for it. 


Anndi said...

Having to fight for Peace... being passionate... welcome kindred spirit.

Wendy Hawksley said...

I always ask myself questions about peace. Should we have to fight for it, or should it be the normal state of things? How does one achieve it? Is it possible? I have no answers.

So this is a great post and wonderful questions to ponder!

Dede said...

Oh so very well said!


Lyon said...

Amen. Seriously.

I have long believed that as long as people do not have what they need to be whole - be it love, safety, food, health care, there cannot be peace. The absence of peace is the welling up of pain and despair turned outward into aggression. It is an illness. It is the struggle to hoard what has been denied them.

Bridgett said...

Yes...peace has to be found within first. There will never be external peace if internal peace is impossible to find.

My mother is a perfect example. She cannot seem to relax. She's always antsy, anxious, stressed, and in turmoil. So even the slightest external stimulus sets her off.

Beautifully written.


Blue Moon said...

During some of the hardes times, I have seen peace as the state once I have become able to accept the situation, and still carry on, in spite of it. I don't know if peace is an obtainable goal, as it is a tool, or survival skill, while reaching for that goal -
Does that make any sense at all > ?

Walk in the Woods said...


Renee said...

Because in the end 'Injustice to one is injustice to all.'

Excellent post.

Love Renee xoxo