Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blessed Sunday to You All

What a wonderful fall this has been so far.  The last week brought temperatures well above what is considered normal.  It was hard for me to motivate myself to stay inside and do anything that did not  involve going outdoors.  As the end of the week drew near, I found myself losing self control and snuck away for a couple days to just enjoy the beauty and the warm (almost 80) temperatures.  I know that November is not known for this and that in a matter of days that number can take a nose dive to a more seasonable temperature.

I tried to keep myself productive outside as I enjoyed the weather.  The newly hatched wasps made a game of making me look like a fool to my neighbors as they frequently dived at me.  I think they were quite confused at the weather themselves.  Flowers continue to bloom attempting to take every chance they can to show themselves before finally falling into the sleep known as winter.  I have a potatoe beetle that refuses to take no as an answer as to whether or not he can gain access to my home... Daily he sits on the back screen door waiting for the moment when it opens and he attempts once more to enter.  I will miss him when he is gone. 

It has been a time of peace and enjoyment.  A time of gentle ease before I know that once more I will need to busy myself with all the doings that I have.  I think it is important for us all to take advantage of times like these when we are given them.  It helps us to regenerate ourselves for what is ahead.  Many times we may think that there is nothing ahead or that we can not take the time to stop and enjoy.  I like to think that Mother Earth knows us all too well.  That these moments are given to us to help us to cope and  to be ready for what is to come.  Plus it helps to ease my guilt for being lazy.  :-)

So for the rest of your Sunday, sit back, relax.... do something for yourself or someone dear to you.  Smile often and reflect on things that help that very thing to happen.  Enjoy yourself.... for tomorrow is Monday...


mxtodis123 said...

It truly is a wonderful fall. Thank you for the wonderful post and blessing.

Rue said...

Thanks for the encouragement to relax - I was feeling guilty about not going into the office today! But I don't feel guilty now!

The only flowers I have left now are the snap dragons. Some people consider them weeds, but I for one am glad they pop up everywhere, so I can still have a bit of color in November!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

Rue, it is so funny that you talk about snapdragons as weeds... I have many flowers that would be considered weeds, however I see them all as splashes of color and enjoy them year round...

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

Beautiful post today! All is well with my soul as I read this. Have a great day!

Bridgett said...

We've been having the same beautiful weather.

I'm ashamed to say though, we spent most of the weekend inside watching football. :/

I did get outside a bit...but not nearly as much as I'd planned. And now I'm feeling melancholy at the opportunity lost.

I had to giggle about your potatoe bug. How cute! Maybe you should bring him inside and keep him as a pet. You could name him 'Spud.' LOL


The Wandering Gardener said...

So nice to read this.

I had a sort like period two weeks ago when the weather was like you describe.

Wonderful to know how other people like you go through these phases now as well. Makes me feel not alone in these type of thoughts.

The Wandering Gardener said...

We had a beautiful fall Sunday here and I spent most of the day in the garden.

Your pictures highlight this season. I have seen these kind if sightings to in my area.

Dede said...

So glad that you took the time to enjoy the wonderful weather we are having at this time of year! The warmth of the sun feels so good and the breeze,it sounds so pretty.


mrsb said...

Glad you took time to relax and enjoy the day! I spent the last 4 days enjoying my family (the kids were off for school conferences). We watched movies, went out to eat, listened to music - just really spent some time reconnecting. It was an awesome experience, and I hope to remember to do it more often!

Have a wonderful week!