Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Simplicity and the Art of Little

Autumn has settled in and it seems that life is finally slowing to a slower pace for the winter months ahead; although for some this is a time when it is quite the opposite.  The holidays approaching seems to create a frenzy in the air that there is not enough time to do anything.  Last year I was able to complete all of my Christmas shopping well before the beginning of December which gave me the entire month to do nothing but enjoy the holiday season.  I did this in many ways, most of which included cooking and my grand kids... It was a wonderful time. 

I promised myself at that time that  I would continue to try and do this each year as the alternative had been a mainstay of mine for many years prior and each holiday I could not wait for the season to be over and gone with.  This slower pace of life seemed to follow me not only last Christmas yet through this last year.  With Vincent's employment being connected to the Oil industry, work has definitely been slower and we have had much more time together than previously. 

At first this sort of drove me a bit crazy, as I was used to my alone time.  Yet as time passed we fell into a new nitch and became to enjoy the new lifestyle.   Over the last year we have been able to visit the grandkids more than we would have if he had been working (4 times to be exact).  We were also able to make a trip up to DC and visit with my son and his fiancee stretching our trip out to a weeks time which enabled us to see much more than we would have on a shorter trip.  We were able to work on our yard and improve it in many ways at a minimal cost as we had more time on our hands and could do much of the work ourselves.  It also gave us some time to both reflect on ourselves and what we each wanted out of life.  What our passions were and what we might like to pursue more of an interest in. 

I have to say that it was a bit of a strange year for me... As I had always been the kind of girl who felt that you had to be going full steam ahead to accomplish anything now or later... This slower pace of lifestyle has taught me much.  First and foremost I think it has taught me that one has to be sure that whatever they are pursuing in their lives in whatever manner that it is something, someone, etc... that makes them happy.  Something they enjoy, something they love.  Something that even when it is not the best of times you still can smile and know that it is your passion, it is your love....

The next lesson I learnt is that more is not always best... In fact most of the time it isn't anywhere near it.  The simple things in life are truly the most precious.  I know that none of us would be telling the truth if we were to say that we would not take a million dollars if it were handed over to us with no strings attached.  Yet, I do know that money is not everything and even more so it can sometimes only bring you more stress.  I love how in today's times  many are reverting to the old custom of bartering with one another... Giving one thing for another... Give my talents for your talents... It is so much simpler than $.  And it is more equally based many times. 

I am not sure what this next coming year has in store for us.  Vincent's work is still slow.  Yet each time I feel that I may have to return to the work force, something happens and it is no longer a necessity.  I have talked about change much these last couple months.  I still can feel the shift that is taking place.  Yet also I know that through much of this last year I have been prepared for what lies ahead.   I am not sure exactly what it is, yet the anticipation excites me greatly.  It has been a good thing to learn the importance of simplicity and the fullness of little.  It was a lesson I always knew.  I was just taken a bit off track by living the average life.  I am glad to be back where I know it is I should be.  Back to the earth and its energy; back to the center of it all.  At least now I know if I have to venture back into the rat race, I can now find my way back home. 


Judith said...

I've learned that the slow life is always better, but I do miss, sometimes, the hurried pace I used to set for myself... but I get over it. LOL

mxtodis123 said...

What a beautiful message!!! I think many of us have had the same kind of year. I know that I have learned to slow down. At first it was health issues which forced me to take it a little easier, but now, even when I am feeling good, I take things at a slower pace. The world is already moving too fast. Why make it faster?

Mother's Moon's Message said...

sometimes I wonder if age has something to do with my desire to slow, yet in truth I do not think so.... I truly just prefer a simple pace

Iris said...

I really enjoyed your photos for the last two posts! Love the one of the bee! I am going to have to check out your photo blog soon!

I agree with your insights. I like the simpler times, barter, make everything by hand. Sometimes I think that my husband and I belong in the 30s (before the war). I love the attire and the mindset (aside from women being lesser than men).

Taking things slowly is wonderful, as long as you are prepared for it! I procrastinate WAY too much!

girlichef said...

Very beautifully said :) I agree about the time spent...I've learned to cherish the few times a year I can see my extended family.

Dede said...

I so agree with you! Simple is quality.


Lyon said...

I really love this post. And the phrase "the fullness of little."

You've given me quite a bit to chew on this morning, thank you. =)

Sobeit said...

Isn't it something that in the mainstream culture we live there are the urges to rush around preparing for holidays, when the natural energies of season are ones in which we slow down, start digging in for the coming winter. I am too am finding myself much more aware of the slow down time and now I just kind sit back watch the rest of the world around me dashing madly around, spending, and not seeming to find any satisfaction in their actons. Hmmm, maybe it is the Crone aspect I am now living in. Good post - thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

What a lovely post. I so agree with sitting back and cherishing the little things in life. With Hubby & I both being laid off right now, money is tight. BUT, our life is still very good and we have learned to appreciate it.

We've talked about what would happen if we won the lotto. We would, of course, take care of all ours and our family's bills so the stress would be relieved. But, I don't think we'd change too very much about our life. Our recent move and Mom's cancer have really brought home the fact that STUFF is STUFF. In the grand scheme of things, it's not very important. Our loved ones are!

Thank you for sharing this.

mermaiden said...

very calming message for me personally. need to let it seep in some more, but it has words that have been in my head and it's good to read them in print!

Rue said...

It really is the small things. An evening with friends, laughing with my neices. Watching the kittens play. Slowing down is a great way to really experience life!

Wonderful post!

Bridgett said...

First, let me just say, what an amazing photo!

Second, having children changed my perspective in a big way.

Before, I was all about the bigger and better parts of life. Now, it's TOTALLY all about the small things. Especially having a son with autism. In that way, his diagnosis has been a blessing. It truly did teach me to appreciate each little thing and to focus on the here and now. I'd always focused so much on the future before.

Such a lovely message.

Feel that change? I do! :)