Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sage - A Herb for the Wise

Sage is not only beautiful to look at, it is also a herb that can lend itself powerfully to those wishing to seek its hidden remedies and powers as well as a wonderful seasoning to use in cooking this time of year.  Fresh rubbed sage is a smell that is hard to beat. 

Use Sage in your love, cleansing and protection charms.  Sage is also  known as a wisdom herb, helping one to gain insight and focus  in attempts to reach those in the spirit realm.  Neutralizing the negativity, Sage brings harmony and therefore aids in the effectiveness of such endeavors.  Sage bundles can also be burnt as a means to purify or cleanse an area.  As it is an easy plant to grow, creating your own home made sage bundles is an easy task to do once the plant is established and you are able to harvest from it each fall, giving the end product that much more potency as it was worked entirely from yourself.  

An example of a sage protection charm is as follows:  Place some sage in small bag. (make sure the bag is of silk or cotton)   Charge the bag with the four elements; air, fire, earth, & water, by calling out to each one while holding the bag.  State your request for protection .  I like to place a small ameythst  also in the bag.  Carry with you when you feel you need a boost of added protection .


magikalseasons said...

Love sage! Purple sage is my favorite. I cook with it alot. I have a deer issue here where I live. I've started to border all my planting beds with sage. It's working well. Thanks for all the great info. I have used it to clear negative energy. I think I need to do that again. :)

Wendy Hawksley said...

Thank you for this post! I always enjoy learning more about the properties of herbs. Mmm, sage...

It is definitely cleansing, I can attest to that. The sweat lodge back home used sage throughout the ceremony for that very purpose.

Suzie said...

Thank you for sharing the properties and uses of Sage.

I've personally used it for years not only in culinary practices, but to cleanse and purify rooms, crystals. .anything that I want to recharge or banish any negative energies that may be clinging.

I've had the same plant growing right by my back door, for 6 years now. I cut it back in the Fall, way before the first freeze, to give it time to heal and settle into sleep.

Early in the Spring, I'm gifted with new young shoots. I love that when I step out the door, the first fragrance that greets my nose, is my precious Sage plant!

Rue said...

I really love sage for smudging. I'd like to try to grow more varieties next year.

I like the charm bag idea - thanks!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

yes the picture is of a plant I got in 08... I pruned it back a bit too much that fall and thought I had lost it, but it came back this year... not as abundant but I have patience... I learned my lesson well. :-)

Mica said...

I adore sage. The smell, feel of it, taste of it. Sage has got to be an all time favorite of my cats as well.

I will be putting the protection charm to good use. Thank you for posting it.

Blessed Be.

Bridgett said...

Sage is my absolute favorite herb and I'm currently raising four different types...common, purple, golden, white, and pineapple.

They all smell so wonderful, they're like an aphrodisiac! :)