Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I wanted to  thank everyone for the overwhelming response to my giveaway thus far.  You have all been so kind with your words.  Thank you for your appreciation of the specialness of the creation of the runes.  As time has passed and I continue to grow and learn, one thing I feel stronger about each day is the great need to not harm mother earth. 

This has always been a deep desire of mine yet now it is definately an issue that is coming to the forefront of my being.  The ability to use what she gives to us and not to waste so much is an issue that can not be stressed enough.  I look forward to the future as I share even more of my endeavors with you.  I have other creations and ideas in this mind of mine.... I am eager to share.... So keep an eye out.

Also when I wrote about the full moon a couple nights ago, I used a picture which was not one of my own.  I have gotten so many responses to this picture and will admit that I feel a bit guilty as I do not know who to give credit to.  The picture above is one I took myself yesterday morning just before the moon sat in the west.  Enjoy... Have a beautiful Wednesday..... Blessings to all


Anastasia said...

Beautful picture.

Bridgett said...

She's a beauty, isn't she?

As for your runes, you deserve praise. They're beautiful.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

Hi I am Nan and I wanted to say you have a very lovely blog. Look forward to visiting you!

The Wandering Gardener said...

You have inspiring words, as always.

This was so nice to read.

Only a few hours ago I stood in my garden and had these thoughts about how 'above us' we get so much which influences our lives, like the sky and the clouds and the birds and rain and....

It will be in my next blog and thanks for the inspiration.

Dede said...

Gorgeous picture! I also look forward to the future and the new adventures.


Renee said...

Thank you for your heal-filled comment. You are a lovely person. I like lovely people.

Love Renee xoxo

Margaret said...

I really liked visiting your blog.
It contains so much practical information and is a great resource.

I look forward to checking in daily.

Domestic Witch said...

Your moon picture is wonderful!

Rue said...

Gorgeous picture! And don't feel guilty - I don't always use my own pictures, I just try to add links whenever possible.

Hugs to you!

Lyon said...

Oh my goodness - that photo is gorgeous - and if you look at it, it almost seems like there's a yin yang in the surface of the moon, which is wild. Thank you for sharing!

Rayden Darklighter said...

That's an incredible picture, thanks for sharing.

Bridgett said...

You know, I was just looking at your beautiful picture again...and I had to comment.

I love the way she looks so fragile here...almost see- through. And that beautiful pale blue shade.

You really captured her in a way I haven't seen often.

It's stunning.