Saturday, January 16, 2010

It Just Keeps Growing - True Blue Giveaway

Thought maybe I should give you all an idea of what I have tossed into January's giveaway thus far.  All I can say is thank goodness that the deadline is next week.  I wanted to get the package ready so that I could ship it out next Thursday on the 21st when I will pick the winner via a random number draw.  There are a couple things that are not in the picture... yet that will just have to be a surprise. 

One is that I think I am obsessed with food.  I had to be careful or whoever received this package was going to get a food basket.  So the only edibles you will receive are an ample supply of Bliss white and milk chocolate with almonds.  There are alot of candies with blue wrappers.  Yes that is a blue Tootsie Pop you see there in the background.  Also a Cracked glass candle holder with pearl white candle.  And a blue vase to hold all those wonderful chocolates.

Next is a book that is somewhat like chicken soup for the pagan soul.  I ordered this book by mistake some time back and received 4 of them.  I decided to keep one for myself and give the others as gifts.  This is my last one and I could not be more happy than to give it now.  It is a wonderful book filled with recipes, spells and wonderful thought provoking stories.  It has become a mainstay for me and I pick mine up often.  Also, a journal to enter all your thoughts, dreams or what not.  You can see the corner here in the photo yet a better perspective can be see in the first photo. 

Next a DVD of the Corpse Bride.  I am a lover of anything Johnny Depp is part of and well the package is blue.  So it fit very well in with my mindset and with the theme of the True Blue Giveaway.

Of course because of all the remarks I have gotten on the photo I used I decided to send a print of it along with its very one "blue" frame.  There are still a couple items that are not in the photo yet I think I will just let that be a surprise for whomever is chosen next week.  If you haven't already entered the January - True Blue - Giveaway just click any of the links throughout the post.  All the rules and such are there .  Drawing will be held on Thursday, January 21st.  Also a heads up for the next giveaway.... Somewhat of a Valentine Imbolc theme.. if that is possible..... You will not want to miss it.... Details will posted Friday January 23rd. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.....


Bridgett said...

I am pining away for all these goodies. Seriously, by next week, I fear there will be nothing left of me (pffttt! As if that could happen!).

These prizes are AMAZING. I actually like every single item you've listed. I can't believe this is all one giveaway!

Ha...I just thought of this. You should include a copy of Madonna's True Blue CD. ;)

Hugs to you!


Wicca Moms said...

You're something else...there are few people who spend so much time giving to others, and so thoughtfully.

You make me laugh with the insistence on including food in your basket, because I've always heard people going on about how there's no food that's actually blue - even blueberries are purple! Blue wrapping more than makes up for it, though. That's one good looking basket:)

Kudos to your winner and to you for putting this together.


The Lucy and Dick Show said...

The winner will be super lucky to get all that! Oooooh! Johnny Depp. Did you see him as John Dillinger yet?

faerwillow said...

~look at all the things blue...what a fun treat! who could complain about a basket full of food...nothing quite like homemade! your heart is ever so kind to give such a beautiful true blue giveaway! brightest blessings~

Lyon said...

As a recent recipient of one of your awesome give aways, I know whoever receives this is going to be insanely happy and lucky. =) You truly take a lot of care with doing these things and this looks beautiful!

Ryan Sutton said...

What a great collection of blueness! And I laughed at the addition of "The Corpse Bride", as I just watched that again two days ago. Oh how the little synchronicities in life make me smile.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Wow, your giveaway just keeps getting better. You better stop yourself soon or the shipping will be outrageous... unless of course you use the fed ex flat rate shipping

I'll cross my fingers that the number generator picks someone that truly desires such a fun box of goodies. Thanks for the chance to win.

Illustrated Ink said...

This giveaway looks amazing! So many treasures! The winner will be lucky, indeed! ;) (keeping my fingers crossed, he he)