Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday Morning Rambling, a Day Late

Yes, yesterday was a Monday.  It is the day of the week that most identify with a bad day.  Why is that?  A good reason could be that it is when most are finishing up a delightful weekend only to have to return to the dredges of work once more.  Not necessarily a wonderful thought.  Yet for me yesterday  was a wonderful day.  I always seem to think I am going to be super woman on Mondays.  Tackle all the many things I need to do and make a decent dent into their completion.  It seldom works out that way..... Uusally I end up doing things that need to be done yet are nowhere near to the list I created, among lots of things that suddenly spring up unexpected... So of course they were not even considered at the time of the list's preperation.  It makes for a good excuse anyway at the end of the day.  By the way, my unexpected need that sprung up yesterday:  The beautiful sunshine - I ended up sitting outdoors in it all afternoon.  Although many may argue for me it was a need that just needed to be fulfilled. 

Yet I had no intention of writing in regards to Mondays or unforseen chores that happen out of the clear blue.  I have been trying for some time to frantically catch up with blog reading since before the holidays.  Several times I have just given up as there is just too many.  Yet there are a few out there that I don't want to miss out on.  It seems that the new year has gotten many of those in blogland energized with a new sense of purpose.  Some I truly think  do not even realize that they have it, yet thier post have definately exhibited the added adrenaline.  Depth is a good word to describe the overall feel of January posts.  I do hope that this pattern continues as I have read some wonderful posts.  They have been filled with knowledge not only found in books yet also from self experience and a true intuitiveness. 

I wonder sometimes if many of the writers realize just how profound their words are at times when they place them down for so many to read.  Some think they are way too young and early in their journey.  They are only starting out.  How can anything they say really enlighten anyone.  They are simply writing their progress down as an outlet for themselves in hopes that some support may be had.  There are others, older in age, who have been traveling for some time yet never really thought of themselves as someone whose journey was an eventful one or whose abilities on that journey were anything to really shout about.  They too are looking for some encouragement to continue on their trek as at times it seems lonely and the desire to sit for a long spell can be overwhelming.  It seems that even the seasoned travelers sometime take for granted the jewels to be had in some of thier gifts to us per their daily posts.

I very much look forward to the coming weeks.  Thus far this year, I have been educated, enlightened, and energized with much of what I have read.  I truly hope that the trend continues and that we continue to receive the morsels that I am quickly becoming accustomed to.  Also I hope that those who hands and minds have penned so much of the things I speak of realize the importance inside of themselves and also the worth.  We are all individuals, each with a gift to give.  We need to believe in that gift and not belittle it or allow anyone else too.  The strength we find within ourselves to continue is the strongest and most durable there is, for no one can take it away lest we let them. 

So in closing I say a big thank you.... It is a grand thing technology... Guess we should all send a thank you note to Mr. Gore for inventing the internet.  What would we be without it. 


faerwillow said...

~so very true...all that you wrote...i walk away in the mornning feeling enlighted and inspired by so many...tis a beautiful thing that has been created and the words of so many that touch our lives...yeay, that you were blessed with the presence of the sun and all her rays! hope it has left you feeling a bit refreshed...brightest blessings~

Renee said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and wise comment on my blog today. Yes we are blessed.

Love Renee xoxo

Tracy said...

I think that many people write and really just feel that they are releasing their words into the world and don't think they will have much impact. I have been changed and enlightened and affirmed and bolstered in so many ways over the past month through the blogs I read. And through comments on blogs as well. I love when people write meaningful comments. Thank you, Mr. Gore (lol) for the awesome gift of community that the internet had brought to all of us!

Marie S said...

What a lovely post and thank you!!!
I feel that I get so much from bloggers also. It is indeed a wonderful internet world Mr. Gore has given us, LOL!!!
Good luck in the giveaway!!
Thank you so much for visiting!
You too brighten the world!!

mxtodis123 said...

I am so grateful to a friend who introduced me to blogging. Before that, I knew that it existed, but always thought it was a "My Space" sort of thing. Since that day I have joined so many blogs and have learned so much from everyone...and have met so many wonderful friends. Blogging is an amazing thing.

LadyCat said...

You are so right...reading all the wonderful blogs and writing my own cause me to think about things I never would have otherwise. I love your blog and the pictures of the moon are some of the best I've seen. I came by your blog from "The Lucy and Dick Show" blog...another very nice one. Take care : )

Linda in New Mexico said...

As usual your wisdom is showing. I too love all the new energy and direction as we "busy" ourselves for beginnings. Speaking as the others have to how the blogging community has given me so much, I have to thank the fates who brought me to the best fountain of fun, knowledge, true emotion and sharing from which I have ever had a sip. I was blessed before but not like I am now. New friendships, new thoughts, new excitement and expectations. All good things for a crone who was sliding away from what life is really about.......sharing. Love you my dear, you are profound and sweet and caring and I count that as a blessing as well.
vert word is vitter.....it's what we all do when we sit down and vitter our time away blogging. Certainly not a waste of time but a vitter.

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Being able to catch up with the blogs I follow has been a great experience for me because I didn't even realize how much I get out of them. It's like a reminder that there are others out there on the same journey. Pretty exciting.

Emme Toaye said...

With words of wisdom, kindness and truth no one could ever belittle you for any time you take to get closer to your inner self reliance and mother nature. I for one think it was well worth the wait.

Rue said...

Catching up with you and all the bloggers is such a joyful part of my day. I love reading about everyone's journey, tips, recipies, family projects, and such. It's so wonderful to connect!

I too, am finding January's posts 'deep' and have been feeling introspective myself. I think that's what Winter is for.

Hugs to you!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Thank you for giving me the award! I don't know how to post the button, but I am so grateful to have been chosen by one of my readers! Let's hope I can keep it up!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, Al Gore invented the internet! *snort* He'll never live that down!

Toni aka irishlas said...

Well said.

Dede said...

I feel so blessed to have the blog family that I do. There is so much wisdom to be learned, if only you take the time. I really enjoy Mondays, everything back to a routine.


Bridgett said...

I don't write as much about my Pagan path as I should. I've thought multiple times of starting a blog specifically for that purpose...yet I haven't done so.

Perhaps 2010 is my year to blog more about my feelings, my thoughts, my desires, and my questions about this spiritual path.

If, for not other reason than to get feedback from all of you...


p.s. I do hope my family blog has at least put a smile on your face....even if it isn't overly intuitive. ;)