Monday, January 25, 2010

The Tree Month Of Rowan

anuary 21st, was the beginning of the Tree Month of Rowan.  Associated with the dragon, the Rowan tree is a symbol of protection and defense.  Examples of this :  Garlands of Rowan fashioned around the necks of livestock as well as their stalls  as well as Rowan trees intentionally planted in churchyards to protect and watch over the spirits of the dead.  It is said that the Rowan has the ability to open communications with the spirt realm which is key to its great energy.  It is thought that early runes were first fashioned from the Rowan tree.  Leaves and berries from the trees are common additives to divination incense.    The Rowan is associated with Imbolc which marks the quickening of the year.  A perfect time to facilitate a quickening of personal power and resources. 


OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

The Rowan has a special place in my heart. Nice post :)

mermaiden said...

you've reminded me to take out my white Rowan wand and stir it about :D

Bogaman said...

A wood that I have yet make a bow from. I believe it is very sturdy and tuff. It should make a magical bow;^)> X.