Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The sun is trying desparately to come out yet I do believe it is going to have a hard time of it today... The wonderful warmer weather our weatherman promised for the weekend was a figment of his imagination I believe.  Since Friday it has been foggy and wet... Finally today the fog gave way and the sun is occasionally peeking his face out as if to tease.  Needless to say we did not venture on our harley ride as intended.  Yet have enjoyed out time indoors watching the playoffs.   Rooting for the Colts and the Vikings to go to the Superbowl...

Although I have been unable to spend as much time outdoors this weekend as wanted I have gotten much done inside.  Make a nice batch of ginger cookies and also a batch of toasted pecans... The pecans are going to be the death of me if I don't stop making them.  It is a recipe for Cinnamon Toasted Pecans that is just too easy.  And when they first come out of the oven and are nice and warm... Lets just say it is hard to eat just one or even just a few.  Caught up on house cleaning as well as laundry which I know I will be thankful for as the week comes tomorrow.  When and if that sun does decide to finally come out I want to be able to have ample time to go and enjoy it. 

I have also started to purchase my seeds and potting cups.  I am bound and determined to attempt to start many of my plants this spring in hopes of saving money as well as making my dollar stretch...We will see just how good that venture turns out.  Right now I only have my herb seeds yet plan on getting at least some of my flower seeds this coming week.  I also have all the seeds I collected from last summer to attempt to cultivate.  We will see just how much of a green thumb I have. 

I have also been gathering my plans for Imbolc.  I am trying desparately to find some corn husk as I really do want to make some corn dollies yet have not found any yet.  I will keep looking.  My menu has been planned and I am eager to cook it.  It seems that I continue to gain excitement daily as spring draws closer. 

Speaking of Spring, it has always been a special time for me... Not my favorite season just a special time.  A time of new beginnings and new awareness.  This year is no different.  I credit much of my awakening to this blog and the interaction with others of like thought.  It has helped tremendously with confidence and also a boldness to continue and grow in my leadings.  I go on and on sometimes over the same thing or so it seems yet it is only because it is such a blessing to me.  I have learned that patience is such a fine thing and a virtue that is truly an asset.  I am not always eager to learn of it yet am always glad when the lesson is over and the knowlege has been betowed to me.  Why do I speak of patience, mainly because it is because of patience that I have finally found the road that I travel. 

So much I hear others speak of a desire to know, a frustration of feeling they are on the wrong path, saying the wrong words in their spells, or not living their lives exactly as it should be when it comes to their beliefs.  I smile as I remember such days and still have them on occasion.  Ok  maybe  often, yet I also know that if one truly seeks with an eager heart and true focus that they will be led in the right direction. 

Ok, now as I read over this all... I can not help but wonder how in the world I got from the Colts and the Vikings in the Super Bowl to trusting your heart in your walk to enlightenment.  Ah.... a woman's mind... how it does wander..... Well to go full circle... the game is still on and I need to go and check the score... Until tomorrow.... Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. 


mxtodis123 said...

We have rain here, too. Yesterday was a beautiful day, but I was doing my post Christmas cleaning, and alas, I couldn't enjoy it. I finished this morning and am having a nice quiet Sunday now. You mention your pecans. I just ate a pint of butter pecan ice cream. LOL!!! Is that a picture of your two fur babies? Oh, what a picture of comfort!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

yes, that is sunny and sweetie when they were but kittens last winter.... they are all grown now... yet still love to curl up on the bed and take a nap

Emme Toaye said...

This is a nice way to spend a Sunday, I just finished a dessert my hubby made with whipped cream, fruit, marshmallows, and almonds didn't have pecans. My Mom usually mails me some, she lives in Oklahoma where I was born and raised. The kitties are sooo cute. I think hubby made the dessert so I wouldn't fuss about the football on the big TV. hee hee

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

Patience is a virtue! I am learning patience in parenting at this time in my life...very trying for me but worth every effort. Hope you have a wonderful evening watching the games!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Wisdom that comes with time is a wonderful and funny thing. You don't think you have it and then you do....and then again, sometimes it calls for a do over. I love being where I am in my journey now. I loved the beginning too but there is comfort in knowing. Even if it is as you say ......tentative.
Love you the kitties. I am sorry you and yout motorcycle man didn't get to go for your adventure. We shall talk soon. Linda
vert sord is sactora.....the sactora is a special high holy place in the convent of the sisters of the lady of perpetual beatings where my daughter is sending my granddaughter. long story, later babe.

Rue said...

The kittens are beautiful, and I do think that I've discovered a new talent to relaxing that I didn't know about before having cats. To them, it's an art!

Sorry you didn't get out on your ride - hopefully the weather will change for the better soon!

Best wishes on growing your own herbs and such this year. Sometimes it goes really well for me - sometimes not. It's an adventure!

Lavender Moon said...

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your wonderful blog. Being so very new to the path, I am hungry to learn from the experience of others, and so I do from you.
Blessings Abound!

Lyon said...

I can testify that your toasted pecans are the bomb. Seriously. Wow. lol

You know, I used to spend a lot of time with that frustration over am I saying the right thing, using the right tool, am I living in accord with what I believe...but reading your post it made me realize that somewhere along the line I have lost that. What a thought...Instead of chasing down my beliefs like a pit bull and thinking that some day I will be some "ideal witch" or something...I don't know it's hard to explain. It's like my beliefs have somehow over time sneakily became a life line rather than something that has to be done right or chased down. I'm not running after them, they prop me up.

I wonder what that means and how that happened. lol

faerwillow said...

~peacans in the oven i have never tried...i usually use a cast iron pan!?! will have to try, we have been eating lots since the holidays, just used the last bit in a chicken salad sandwich and boy was that a treat! as for your garden...oh how i think many of us are eagerly awaiting the moment to start sowing our you have any columbine? we save our seed each year...their beautiful...let me know i can send some your way...the dollar store is also a great place as we have bought seeds there 10 for 1.00 and they have all bloomed each year...can't beat the price and a bounty of flowers, herbs and vegetables that arise...looking forward...eagerly waiting...brightest blessings~

Anonymous said...

Your kittens are so cute. I do not have any, but Daughter has 5 of them.

Yesterday we had the rain, but today the sun is shining and it is a tad warmer.


Dede said...

I am so sorry that you didn't get to ride. I know that you were looking forward to it. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend despite the weather. It was nasty here too. Windy, really windy and rain. But the weather mans says it is supposed to be nice this week. Looking forward to it.


Bogaman said...

Gettin ready to order some seeds myself. Gardening, one of my true passions.
I to would like to see a Vikings/Colts super bowl. But I'm afraid New Orleans will probably put a halt to the Vikings bid. X.

Bridgett said...

It's been a rainy, boggy mess here too, unfortunately. And now we're looking at more snow this week. Joy. ::sigh::

The first big snow of the season is enchanting. After that? Not so much.

Anyway, your kittens are adorable and I hope this current weekend was a good one.

I apologize for lagging so far behind. I just can't seem to get caught up! Aggghh.