Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday - Nothing Like A Lazy Afternoon

The last few days have been almost spring like with the warmer tempertures in the 50s and 60s and the sun shining all the time... The rains that have fallen the last few days have brought the dark cloudy skys that are quite like the skies  of early March and April.  Puffy grey clouds, distant rumbles of thunder, and then sudden downpours of rain.  I noticed like so many others that my daffodils and hyacinths are peeking out of the ground throughout my yard.  Such signs make me even more eager for the coming months ahead.  Change is slowing coming. 

For me this is a time of cleansing, change and creation.  It is much like pulling down the drapes from large windows through out the home of myself as a means to once again allow the sun to shine through my windows.  Opening the windows and allowing the fresh breeze to blow through me filling me with its energy of what is to come. 

Today, I start the seedlings that will eventually become the addition to my flower and herb garden.  Also on my plate is a continuous of my spring cleaning.  I am eager to get this completed as then I  will start the cleansing of my household.  Something that if all goes well will start next weekend.  Although the weather has been warmer, I still need to tend the birds outdoors.  I can tell that Spring is close at hand as they are more active then ever.  You can already see the mating courtships beginning.  The pairs of ducks frequent our pond in the early morning and something before night.  The cardinal males do their strut to impress.    It seems as if all of nature is eager for mother earth to once again wake. 

Of course also there are the football games.. Although I am not sure that I will sit and watch them for their entire time slot.  I am sure I will take a seat now and then to enjoy some game food and drink with Vincent.  Mexican tacos and queso are on the menu today.  For those of you who do not know what that is... Diced up beef sauteed with onions and choice spices... spooned into a corn tortilla with plenty of cilantro and lime juice... Yummy...

All in all it looks to be a full day.  Hoping your Sunday is relaxing and enjoyable... See you tomorrow. 


mxtodis123 said...

Love your menu today. We have Mexican food on Fridays and it's one of my favorites. Our weather here is warm, but the sky is grey. Tonight and tomorrow morning heavy rain is on the way. Yeah, just what I need to go out in after being sick. Couldn't it have happened on my days off?

I've been trying to think of a teddy bear story, and my mind's been a blank so far. But, I'll keep thinking. After all, what teddy bear wouldn't want trip to the Big Apple.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Well my dear, it is a day late...but I got your package in the mail. Here I am watching the second game and we just had burritos so I guess maybe it's a theme day huh???? LOL
vert word...hotchi...what ya say when you karate chop a burrito, hotchi.

Ryan Sutton said...

Reading here makes me that much more impatient for spring! Of course, living as far north as I do we're not going to see it quite as early as you are. However, that said, it's been unseasonably warm here as well. I can't remember a January so warm in my lifetime. I like your idea of throwing some windows open! Fresh air in this house could do me some powerful good.

Lyon said...

It's been warm here as well, but no sunlight - mostly clouds and rain. Today we're supposed to go back to the 30's and 20's again though so booo!

I did take a long walk on Saturday afternoon in between rain showers and was marveling at all the green on the ground, new ferns and succulents starting to unfold and all the mosses. It's still early for daffodils and crocus around here but in another couple of weeks it's possible we'll begin to see them too.

As far as football goes I have to watch at least a little bit of the superbowl. I'm from Indiana so the Colts are a "big hairy deal" around here. lol But otherwise, I don't have much interest in it myself, yeah.